Aerosmith Primer – Under-appreciated & Overlooked

Author: BD Joyce

Following the Hits Primer that virtually chose itself, a playlist of deeper Aerosmith cuts is a considerably more interesting selection of songs, purely because of the joy to be had in the novelty of hearing something a little different to their many staples of FM radio. That said, a necessary dose of realism reminds us that, at times, it is lacking a little in quality. Unlike some bands of a similar stature, where there is frequently as much joy to be had in exploring the furthest reaches of their discography as there is in hearing their most well-known tracks one more time, the Venn diagram of Aerosmith’s best and most popular songs are two heavily overlapping circles. Still, pleasingly, there are some gems to be found among the album tracks of their better releases, alongside a few intriguing experiments, most of which can be found in the playlist below.

Make ItAerosmith1973
Lord Of The ThighsGet Your Wings1974
Toys In The AtticToys In The Attic1975
Round And RoundToys In The Attic1975
Last ChildRocks1976
Nobody’s FaultRocks1976
Get It UpDraw The Line1977
Bright Light FrightDraw The Line1977
ChiquitaNight In The Ruts1979
Three Mile SmileNight In The Ruts1979
Joanie’s ButterflyRock In A Hard Place1982
Heart’s Done TimePermanent Vacation1987
Young LustPump1989
The Other SidePump1989
Eat The RichGet A Grip1993
Hole In My SoulNine Lives1997
Full CircleNine Live1997
Under My SkinJust Push Play2001
Never Loved A GirlHonkin’ On Bobo2004
Out Go The LightsMusic From Another Dimension!2012

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