Abigor – In Memory…

Author: Brendan Blake

Abigor – In Memory…
  • Artist: Abigor
  • Album: In Memory
  • Year of Release: 2000
  • Country: Austria
  • Label: Napalm
  • Format: Jewelcase CD
  • Catalogue Number: NPR082

With all due respect to the band and our readership, I don’t intend to spend a great amount of time or word count on this, an EP consisting of two cover versions previously released on tribute albums to greater bands, and three largely unnecessary re-recordings of earlier recordings of Abigor originals. This is by no means bad, but it is pretty much the definition of filler.

Presumably hoping to capitalise on the one-two success of Supreme Immortal Art and Channeling The Quintessence of Satan (a brace of essential late 90s black metal records if ever I heard them), Napalm Records clearly wanted some kind of stop-gap before 2001’s Satanized was released. Five tracks in 25 minutes, all of which had been released elsewhere in some format or other.

First up is a cover of German act Kreator’s classic ‘Terrible Certainty’ (from the similarly titled album, 1987), originally released on the Dwell Records Under The Guillotine: A Tribute to Kreator album (2001). It’s a faithful, suitably brutal run-through of an underground standard, adding nothing, but not disrespecting the original or embarrassing the band themselves by comparison. Second is a cover of Slayer’s ‘Crionics’ (the original is from Slayer’s debut Show No Mercy, 1983), taken again from a Dwell tribute record – this time Gateway To Hell 2: A Tribute to Slayer (2000). Interesting I guess for Thurisaz’ effort at clean vocals alongside his usual snarl, but once again a basically straight cover that is functional, but no better than you’d get from your average Slayer tribute act.

There are then three re-recordings, none of which set my world on fire. Firstly we have ‘Shadowlord’, which actually goes back to Abigor’s Ash Nazgh… demo from 1993. This isn’t previously unreleased either, having been on the Napalm Records compilation With Us Or Without Us (1995). Obviously, there’s an improvement in production and the band are tighter, and this is probably the most interesting thing on this somewhat lacklustre EP (the fact Silenius is on vocals for this helps, even if the vocal production is a bit uneven), but unless you are part of the “demo days of any band were better” crowd, it’s hard to get past the fact the Abigor had long ago moved past this stuff.

The final two tracks consist of a re-recording of ‘Crimson Horizons’ from the Opus IV album – the main problem I had with that album was the production quality, and this is a 4 track rehearsal, so just why? – and an instrumental re-recording of ‘Verwϋstung’ from their 1993 debut. This latter track was previously available on the Apokalypse EP. This isn’t terrible, but utterly pointless and I suspect a cynical way to get idiot completists to hand over money for material they already own. Oh wait, that would be me then.

Score: 55%

(low score reflects the fundamentally inessential nature of a release of this kind, rather than the quality of the material found within)