Aerosmith Primer – The Hits

Author: BD Joyce

An Aerosmith hits primer is aptly named, as they are a band that found and then re-found fame primarily on the back of a series of hit singles, rather than on the strength of consistent albums. Indeed, it is only really during the middle phase of the band’s career that, bolstered by the contributions of external songwriters, they briefly developed the ability to produce a truly coherent album that offered more than the obvious highs of the key singles. Even their twin classics, Toys In The Attic and Rocks, were dominated by the biggest and most successful songs in their canon, and to a degree owe their reputation to the monumental quality of tracks such as ‘Walk This Way’ and ‘Sweet Emotion’. And after a brief phase bookended by Permanent Vacation and Nine Lives, it might be argued that Aerosmith ceased even to be a singles band, producing a succession of somewhat dull albums, rarely enlivened by anything approaching a hit, and for this reason they are naturally under-represented on both this playlist, and the Under-appreciated and Overlooked Primer which will follow.

Dream OnAerosmith1973
Mama KinAerosmith1973
Train Kept A Rollin’Get Your Wings1974
Seasons Of WitherGet Your Wings1974
Walk This WayToys In The Attic1975
Sweet EmotionToys In The Attic1975
Back In The SaddleRocks1976
Draw The LineDraw The Line1977
Let The Music Do The TalkingDone With Mirrors1985
Rag DollPermanent Vacation1987
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)Permanent Vacation1987
AngelPermanent Vacation1987
Love In An ElevatorPump1989
Janie’s Got A GunPump1989
Cryin’Get A Grip1993
CrazyGet A Grip1993
AmazingGet A Grip1993
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)Nine Lives1997
PinkNine Lives1997
JadedJust Push Play2001

The Spotify link for the playlist can be found here:

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