Abdullah – Snake Lore

Author: Brendan Blake

Abdullah – Snake Lore
  • Artist: Abdullah
  • Album: Snake Lore
  • Year of Release: 1999
  • Country: USA
  • Label: Rage Of Achilles
  • Format: Jewelcase CD
  • Catalogue Number: ILIAD002

Taking a bit of break from the Abigor back catalogue and reaching backwards alphabetically to the debut EP from US band Abdullah…a band recommended to me by David Tyler (someone whose opinion is not to be taken lightly), Abdullah’s first is fine but little to write home about. Touted as an EP, this may as well be regarded as an album at face value. The packaging is certainly well put together, but belies the problem with much mid-90s/20s stoner/doom metal. I envisage seeing Abdullah at my old stomping ground of The Greyhound in Beeston, Nottingham or even The Portland Arms in Cambridge, and thinking this was an up-and-coming band, harking back to past masters like Black Sabbath (obviously), Candlemass (later-period), Solitude Aeturnus (again, obviously), but not really bringing anything new to the table. I get a significant whiff of Acid Bath as well, but you’d be better just buying their albums instead (although that is basically something that everyone with any interest in intelligent heavy metal should do anyway).

I would totally spend some time sitting and listening to this in the correct venue, but ultimately this is ultra-generic. Perfectly well played and performed but offering little substance or sticking power. Fans of the aforementioned doom impresarios will find much to love here, and the band would achieve greater heights latterly, but this is at best a footnote in a well-trodden furrow of stoner metal. Buy their debut instead.

Score: 50%

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