Aborym – With No Human Intervention

Author: BD Joyce

Aborym – With No Human Intervention
  • Artist: Aborym
  • Album: With No Human Intervention
  • Year of Release: 2003
  • Country: Italy
  • Label: Mercenary Music
  • Format: Jewelcase CD
  • Catalogue Number: war 031

With No Human Intervention, Aborym’s third album, is their response to the unenviable task of following up an undisputed genre classic. It is to their immense credit that it largely succeeds, developing and broadening their sound, but preserving the core of their instantly recognisable industrial black metal sound.

After a creepy horror score intro, replete with disembodied voices and crackling ambient sounds, the cold minor-key blasting and throbbing techno of the title track at once recalls the frenzied opening to Fire Walk With Us!, but at the same time synthesises the disparate sonic components more seamlessly than its predecessor. The addition of choral voices, supplementing Attila Csihar’s baleful wail, brings a new majesty to proceedings, heightening the religious fervour with which Aborym perform their black metal art.

If the title track reassures the listener with familiar sounds, the album effortlessly sidesteps any possible contempt over the songs that follow. The wind-tunnel effect of ‘U.V. Impaler’ offers noticeably more raw vocals much higher in the mix than Aborym tend to employ, together with a more staccato and less atmospheric riffing style, melodic guitar runs supplanting the usual wall of sound.

As the album continues, the music comes to reflect the superbly chosen artwork, with the bleepy synths of ‘Humechanics-Virus‘ bleeding into the deadly serious straight drum ‘n’ bass of ‘Does Not Compute’ suggesting a dystopian factory setting, populated by biomechanical labour endlessly repeating soul-numbing tasks.

With No Human Intervention reaches a peak with the staggering ‘Faustian Spirit Of The Earth’ delivering warp-speed blackened thrash that crushes everything in its path, and arguably eclipses anything found on their previous record.

However, after scaling such heights, the high level of quality is sadly not maintained unbroken throughout the rest of the album, which becomes somewhat disjointed and uneven. A case in point is ‘The Triumph’, which threatens splendour via an opening black metal surge of epic proportions, and then scuppers the potential over nearly 9 minutes of restless experimentation and cringeworthy orgasmic samples, which may be consistent with the Aborym aesthetic but have been passé since Guns ‘N’ Roses’ ‘Rocket Queen’ at the very latest. It would have been far more interesting to have heard the band develop the initial riff through 9 minutes of the kind of punishingly mesmeric depths plumbed by classic Burzum or even Weakling.

The closing tracks contain moments of supremacy – the off-kilter electro falling apart at the climax of ‘Me[n]tal Striken Terror Action 2’ and the mutating, pulsing dark techno of ‘Chernobyl Generation’ being two such highlights. However, this is balanced by the inessential likes of ‘Black Hole Spell’ which treads well-worn ground, adding nothing other than an overlong run-time to an album that would be world class shorn of 20 minutes.

With No Human Intervention is an intriguing expansion of the Aborym sound, but lacks the overall cohesion as a unified piece of work that made its predecessor so unimpeachably brilliant. Despite its title, this actually feels like a slightly more organic and human record; the band climbing from the previous album’s abyss in time to join a rave celebrating the end of the humanity, man replaced by machines of their own devising. More human, perhaps all too human.

Score: 83%

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